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Grades 4+

Our unique learning system - the Mad Beatz Method - teaches kids to listen, move, say, and THEN play, building confidence and intuition that will make teachers happy, too!  The entire book links with our YouTube Channel for fun independent learning.

Designed With Beginners In Mind

Grade 4+
Grade 7+

Grades 7+

Building passion for practice and elite reading skills.

Your drummer is ready to prepare for high school ensembles.....and beyond!  Our Total Musicianship series builds passion for practice by teaching students how to practice independently with a playlist of their favorite songs instead of a metronome.  Total Musicianship for Marching Percussion is a "one-stop shop" for skills and vocabulary that will satisfy the requirements for college band auditions as well.

Grades 9+

Explore our innovative #djdrumline system of practice and performance!

Are your high school drummers looking for a fun way to build chops and listening skills between marching band seasons?  Mad Beatz: the Art of #djdrumline is our guide to improving technique and musicianship playing along to the hottest songs - Hiphop, Trap, Rock, Country, you name it!  Make a playlist of your favorite songs, find the tempos, and match them up with warmups  and “drops” throughout the book.  We explain how to freestyle with fundamentals and play along with a live DJ or rhythm section, too!

Graade 9+
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