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All the Drumline skills you need, in one book:  This is a “one-stop shop” for any student who wants to succeed in today’s drumlines and marching bands.  Guided warmups, with play-along videos on Mad Beatz Methods’ YouTube channel, build SOLID technique at a variety of tempos.  Essential concepts, rhythms and rudiments are broken down in step-by-step “Learning Loops”, developing the learner’s ability to analyze and self-correct.  


Ok, what SKILLS are covered?  Legatos, 16th note and triplet "check patterns", multi-beats, stroke types:  up-, down-, prep-, buzz-, full- and tap-strokes, triplet accent patterns, 16th note accent patterns, paradiddle rudiments, triplet rolls, 16th note rolls, metric modulations, 32nd note stick control patterns, flams.....and how to analyze a phrase to find your own CHECKS.  


Here’s why our book ROCKS:  Students can play every line in the entire book along with Mad Beatz Methods’ #practiceplaylists - or their own favorite songs - building listening skills and passion for practice!  It’s a great resource for grades 7 & up.



Total Musicianship for Marching Percussion

  • The password Only4Me is a phrase for our family of teachers and learners to remember, and kindly refrain from sharing access to others for free. We appreciate you understanding all of the hard work and long hours our team has put into producing these thorough and detailed method books.

    TEACHERS:  if your students only need a chapter at a time, we are happy to share only what they need for a buck or two per student.  We take our commitment to teaching and learning seriously, but we don't want cost to stand in the way of access. 

    Please reach out via email or chatbot and we will be happy to work with you.


    Thanks so much!  


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