Let's have fun building MAD skills:  Beginning drummers ages 9 and up will love learning essential skills such as 8th notes, 16th notes, multi-percussion and syncopation in the context of 4 CRUCIAL genres:  Funk, Rock, Hiphop, & Caribbean!  Written and field-tested by a veteran teacher of students from diverse cultures, Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers combines the strongest learning practices of Black, White, and Latino communities.  This unique blend of cultural experiences is captured in our proven learning system, the Mad Beatz Method:   Learn the counts - Hear the beat, move your feet - Say it, then Play it!


Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers is truly the most versatile beginning drum book on the planet.  Equally effective as a resource for band class, group lessons, and private instruction, Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers is a testament to author Jesse Mell's experience as a band director and percussion specialist for Philadelphia School District.   Any of the six loop-based compositions - Philly, Uptown, Dancehall, Funk City, MoTown, & Afro-Cuban Jr - provides an interchangeable rhythm section for most beginning band method books.   Lightly Row with a funk beat?  Yup.  Ode to Joy with an Afro-Cuban feel?  YES.  Best of all, Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers is covered front to back by our YouTube tutorials and play-alongs, making it a comprehensive independent study resource.

Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers

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  • Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers trains Total Musicianship from the start:

    • Technique:  Grip, rebound, & relaxation
    • Listening:  Builds focus on pulse & subdivisions, blend & balance, and appreciation for peers
    • Music IQ:  Reading strategies, improvisation, song/phrase form, primary vs secondary voices
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