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Let's have fun building MAD skills:  Beginning drummers ages 9 and up will love learning essential skills such as reading, counting, and playing 8th notes, 16th notes, multi-percussion and syncopation in the context of 4 CRUCIAL genres:  Funk, Rock, Hiphop, & Caribbean!  Written and field-tested over 20 years teaching Philadelphia public schools, Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers combines the strongest learning practices of Black, White, and Latino communities. 


Experience x cultural input = our very own Mad Beatz Method:   Learn the counts - Hear the beat, move your feet - Say it, then Play it!


Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers is truly the most versatile beginning drum book on the planet.  Equally effective as a resource for band class, group lessons, and private instruction, Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers is a testament to author Jesse Mell's 20 years of experience as a band director and percussion specialist for Philadelphia public schools.   


Every beat in Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers - Philly, Uptown, Dancehall, Funk City, MoTown, & Afro-Cuban Jr - is an opportunity to "remix" any song in any beginning band book:   Lightly Row with a funk beat?  Yup.  Ode to Joy with an Afro-Cuban feel?  YES.  Best of all, Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers is covered front to back by our YouTube tutorials and play-alongs, making it a comprehensive independent study resource.

Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers

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  • Mad Beatz for Beginning Drummers trains Total Musicianship from the start:

    • Technique:  Grip, rebound, & relaxation
    • Listening:  Builds focus on pulse & subdivisions, blend & balance, and appreciation for peers
    • Music IQ:  Reading strategies, improvisation, song/phrase form, primary vs secondary voices
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