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Our proven, innovative #djdrumline system for building chops and listening skills!


What if we told you a playlist of your favorite songs could become a valuable self-improvement system, and even provide the soundtrack for live drumline performance?  Mad Beatz: the Art of #djdrumline begins with warmups based on the most important fundamentals - stroke types, timing, multi-beats, and open rolls - designed to match a #practiceplaylist of your favorite songs.  Each warmup is followed by a cadence matching the tempo of songs from your #practiceplaylist, too!  It’s a great way to show high school drummers a practical application of rhythms and rudiments to the songs they love.  Mad Beatz: the Art of #djdrumline finishes with a tutorial on how to freestyle with fundamental skills such as triplet rolls, accent/tap, and paradiddle rudiments.


Mad Beatz: the Art of #djdrumline

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