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Let’s have fun building Mad Skills!

We developed our unique learning system based on experience teaching elementary, middle and high school percussion programs in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs since 2000.  

Mad Beatz Methods' books and clinics teach students how to practice warmups, reading, and performance pieces to a playlist of their favorite songs instead of a metronome, building listening skills and a love for drumming that will last a lifetime!

For Grades 4+



The most versatile and FUN beginning book on the planet!  Works great with a whole class of total beginners, small groups, or one student at a time.  Integrated 100% with our YouTube tutorials, play-alongs, and challenges.

For Grades 7+

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Wish your 7th - 9th graders were better prepared for marching band or indoor?  STARTER PACK is the answer.  
We do basic training in a fun format kids LOVE...
....and teachers trust.



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