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Culture and Creativity in Music Education

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

After 23 years of teaching, writing, and leading in Philadelphia, one thing is clear: Culture and Creativity are the keys to engaging lessons and resources. Creating a cultural connection begins with teaching students to discover musical elements in and play along with the songs they love; creativity aligns the achievement of performance and listening-based standards with that discovery. When students begin to identify those elements, we build bridges to music of other cultures, developing respect and appreciation along the way.

Mad Beatz Methods is dedicated to providing teachers and students with books, games, and programs that build Total Musicianship - performance, active listening, and critical thinking - with culture and creativity. Opportunities to strengthen performance, listening skills, and critical thinking are all around us, in every song we love. Guiding the discovery of value in those songs and teaching students how to play along, developing the independent learner, is our mission.

We are so happy and excited to share our resources and methods with you! Our unique, student-centered approach to teaching and learning have propelled the success of Mad Beatz Philly, Musicopia Drumlines, and one of Philadelphia's first school-based hiphop lyricism programs, Mic Methods. Contact us today via social media - @madbeatzmethods - or email - - so we can talk about your needs and work with your budget to give you and your students a culturally rich and creative learning experience.

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