All the Drumline skills you need, in one book:  This is a “one-stop shop” for any drummer who wants to succeed in today’s drumlines and marching bands.  Guided warmups, with play-along videos on Mad Beatz Methods’ YouTube channel, build SOLID technique at a variety of tempos.  Essential concepts, rhythms and rudiments are broken down in step-by-step Learning Loops, developing the learner’s ability to analyze and self-correct. 


Here's why our book ROCKS:  Students play every line in the entire book along with Mad Beatz Methods’ Practice Playlists - or their own favorite songs - building listening skills and passion for practice!  It’s a great resource for Grades 7 & up.

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  • Band and Percussion Directors:  Give your drummers the independent study guide they need to be productive during "down time" as well as their own time!  School orders of 10 or more units - physical or digital - receive 20% off as well as a free clinic with the author, Jesse Mell.