Starter Pack

Starter Pack

"I wish my 8th and 9th graders were better at__________________" says every high school band and percussion director all across the United States, every November and May.


We listened....and Starter Pack is the answer.


In this 30 page mini-book, middle schoolers will learn:

  • How to play fundamentals with GREAT technique...and keep their feet in time
  • How to subdivide 8th notes, 16th notes, triplets, and quarter note triplets
  • How to love "the process" - warming up every day, and strategies for self-improvement.


Best of all, Starter Pack includes prompts to connect with our amazing YouTube #practiceplaylists, tutorials, and drumming challenges!  Starter Pack is the perfect percussion resource for virtual or in-person learning.

  • Opening your digital download:

    The password Only 4 Me. is meant to remind our family of educators and learners that our method books are valuable products that have literally taken years to perfect:  drafting nearly 200 pages of original content, trial and error, conversations with teachers, editing, and formatting.  We set the price low on purpose so that everyone can afford to own their own copy.  TEACHERS:  We offer special deals on 10 or more downloads at one time!  Please reach out to us via chat or email and we would love to make a special deal for you and your kids.


    All our best,

    Jesse and the Mad Beatz Methods team:

    Chris, Arden, Jenna, Eric, and Mike


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